this blog will be only used to check mail! there for i wont be using this tumblr any longer! but my art blog doodlestrawberry and my main blog the-black-swords-man will still be running daily. Bye guys, had fun!

Edit: main blog is now

Ok I’m done working on this picture for now. Maybe I’ll go back in and add more detail, but I really just wanted something clean without lines, and then to try my hand at a little simple animation. :D
You will eventually be able to find the different focuses of this picture in my LJ but that’s not tonight.EDIT2: Yay I fixed it. Enjoy~ 
And different focuses:
EDIT: This is supposed to be animated- the focus should change from the foreground to the background… however it won’t show up animated on any computer I’ve used (but strangely enough the animation works when I come to tumblr on my phone so wtf) so if anybody knows how to fix this please tell me. Otherwise I’m just gonna mess with this until I get it right…

Sneak Attack~!

Cross the line: Zuko, Sokka by ~ajatusvaras

Rank and Vile by ~bobangeba

SRU - Hopeless Ideals by ~pineapplefactor on deviantART on We Heart It.

Trying to bring life back to the Broh tag.
i really need to practice backgrounds what even is that
Pink background because next week is valentines day and yea